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Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Young Pals Music celebrated a banner year, releasing more new projects in 2010 than ever before. The boutique record label also forged a fruitful and ongoing collaboration with acclaimed guitarist and songwriter Dennis DelGaudio.
That alliance with DelGaudio resulted in the production duo DNA (Dennis DelGaudio & Ayhan Sahin), and their debut album recorded at Young Pals’ 2C Studios, “Calling Card,” featuring the consummate vocals of Karine Hannah on all 12 tracks. The crafty melodies, plugged-in instrumentation and soaring, anthemic vocals that parade across this collection embodied a true artistic union for Young Pals.
The project reached another part of the globe when Italian record label TAM, founded by longtime Young Pals collaborator Tony Amodio, released “Nada Mas,” by Gabriella Torres in Italy —an Italian-language version of “One Lie,” which appeared on DNA with Karine Hannah’s “Calling Card.”
Meanwhile, Hannah, who has released three previous albums on Young Pals, performed a series of sold-out performances at New York’s elegant Metropolitan Room throughout the year,
including her show “AM Radio” featuring favorite covers from the late 1970s and early 1980s originally made famous by male artists.
DNA also issued the saucy sing-along single “Bitch Slap!” from “American Idol” finalist Norman Gentle. The toast to outgoing “Idol” judge Simon Cowell features a maddeningly catchy chorus, throbbing beat and an accompanying video clip featuring a cameo from “America’s Top Model” judge Nigel Barker, along with a cast of Broadway dancers—and Cowell himself (okay, as a stand-up cardboard cutout)—which literally stopped traffic in Manhattan’s Times Square as hundreds of passers-by joined in the tribute.

“Bitch Slap!” garnered critical praise from the likes of The Los Angeles Times, Yahoo! Music and Fox News, while the music video received more than 50,000 online hits in its first week of release in May, as well hot AC radio airplay.
Adam Shenk’s debut album “Suitcases” was also released in May, launched with a sold-out performance at New York’s Bitter End club. Produced by Sahin with music & lyrics by Shenk, the 14-track disc meshes pop and contemporary R&B with old-school soul and shades of jazz. Imagine classic Simply Red infused with the youth and verve of Chris Brown. Adam has been performing non-stop throughout the year in and around New York based clubs promoting “Suitcases.”
Young Pals also released the third album from Parisian artist Lybert Ramade, “Une autre chance,” in December. The album, recorded at 2C Studios in Brooklyn, comprises songs composed by Sahin, translated and sung in French. Highlights include “Ecoute moi,” the jazz-infused radio-ready opening track; frenetic dance toss-ups “L’heure des heros” and “Je suis comme je suis”; elegant ballads “Plus loin” and “Si jamais”; and pop confection “7 vies.” The project also includes English-language track “Another Bad Mistake,” a duet with Karine Hannah. A host of U.S.-based songwriters contributed to “Une autre chance,” including Sahin with DelGaudio, Tinatin, Bernadette O'Reilly, Emre Yilmaz, Chuck Taylor, Garth Ploog, Hannah, Ghia Gabriela Szwed, Adam Shenk, Jeff Franzel and Daniel Pitt Stoller. All French lyrics were written by Lybert Ramade and Nathalie Krassilchik. The album was mixed by Mehmet Kemaloglu, who was based in New York as 2C’s intern for four months during the spring.
Over the course of the year, Sahin also contributed to a Haiti Earthquake relief project initiated by Jim Papoulis’ FoundationForSmallVoices.org, to raise awareness for the earthquake disaster and to fund and direct money for Haiti relief. His song “We Will Lift You Up” was translated into 35 languages, with vocal production by Sahin for the Turkish, Russian, Greek, Italian and French versions. Performers for those renditions were Sahin, Tinatin, Ileana Exaras, Tony Amodio and Karine Hannah, respectively.
Other 2010 collaborations include songwriting with Jose Promis, Peter Elias, Jerri Bocchino, Tinatin, Wallace Wilholt Jr., and recording with Astoria Boulevard, Emre Yilmaz, Erica Jacob, Mike Moon and Damien Jack Slater.
Sahin is currently working on a four-song EP with Tinatin, the celebrated vocalist, songwriter, author, journalist and radio personality, who has both recorded and composed chart-topping singles and won awards in Europe, including runner up in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.

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It's been a hot minute since "American Idol" season 9 finalist Nick Mitchell, a.k.a. Norman Gentle, has been at 2C Studios here in Brooklyn, following his dazzling collaboration with DNA on "Bitchslap!" which, to date, has fostered 60,000+ hits on YouTube. He and Ayhan & Dennis are strategizing their next forward move.

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Norman Goes Home: Interview Posted On americanidol.com

The almighty americanidol.com posted an interview with Norman Gentle on its home page, along with a link to the video for his "Brit Slap!" Click here to read the full posting!

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"SLAPSCHTICK" In The Brookfield, Connecticut News-Times

Check out the full story here!

Nick Mitchell isn't ready to surrender the limelight just yet.

A Brookfield native, he used his comedic, headband-wearing alter ego -- Norman Gentle -- to become one of the top 25 finalists on the eighth season of "American Idol." And while most "Idol" contestants who don't win (and even some who do) fade into obscurity with their exit, Mitchell is still fighting for the microphone -- literally.

In May, Mitchell released his debut single "Brit Slap!" -- a tongue-in-cheek pop anthem inspired by British "Idol" judge Simon Cowell, who announced his departure from the show as its

ninth season came to a close this spring. The success of the single and its accompanying music video earned Mitchell an invitation to perform on this year's "American Idol" finale, where Cowell was given a special send-off.

In addition, Mitchell was seen this year on "The Wendy Williams Show" where he served as the "American Idol" correspondent. He's also in negotiations to take part in a Las Vegas show that will feature him and other former "Idol" contestants.

Shortly after his appearance on the "Idol" finale, Mitchell, who splits his time between Los Angeles and Brookfield, discussed his career with The News-Times during an interview at Starbucks on Federal Road. His headband was nowhere to be seen, but Mitchell still exhibited the snappy sense of humor that set him apart on "Idol."

"I'm extending my 15 minutes to 18 minutes. Whether the bloggers want me or not, Norman Gentle is here to stay," said Mitchell before adding, "unless my parents kick me out."

Mitchell is the first finalist in the series' history to be invited to appear in two consecutive "Idol" finales, in 2009 he was awarded a Most Memorable Performance "Golden Idol" trophy.

He appeared again this year as a dancer during Dane Cook's farewell tribute. He trotted on stage with a cardboard cutout of Cowell -- only to be short-circuited when fur-wearing Ian Benardo stormed the stage vigilante-style and released abusive epithets directed at Cowell. As the camera cut to commercial, Mitchell threw aside his companion cardboard cutout of Cowell in order to wrestle the microphone from Benardo. Despite Internet conspiracy theories to the contrary, Mitchell said the attack was very real and he has the bruises to prove it.

"I tried to grab microphone to stop him. I wrestled him down and he pushed me," Mitchell said. "This guy was trying to pull a Kanye West."

Backstage, Mitchell got to talk to Cowell and the brutally honest British judge had nothing but praise for Mitchell's song and video. Mitchell said Cowell told him enjoyed it and said he had a sense of humor about it.

"Brit Slap!" came about after Mitchell met Dennis DelGaudio -- a guitarist who has played with Billy Joel -- and Ayhan Sahin -- a musical writer and producer. The two approached Mitchell and said they had a song they wanted him to sing about Cowell; Mitchell jumped at the opportunity.

The music video, which features a cameo from "America's Top Model" judge Nigel Barker, a cast of Broadway dancers and a stand-up, cutout of Cowell himself, was filmed at various locations on the streets of New York.

Mitchell had a blast filming the video, but there were a few embarrassing moments.

"There's a seduction scene so I did get down to my Speedos and I swear some of the crew threw up, so they cut that out," he said.

The video spoofs many well-known music videos, including Britney Spears' "Womanizer," Lady Gaga's "Telephone," and Beyonce's "Single Ladies." The single is the launching pad for Mitchell's new band, the Gentle Band, a take-off on "Idol" finalist Chris Daughtry's group Daughtry. The group has began doing some limited touring and will be releasing subsequent singles and, ultimately, an album.

During the "Idol" finale after-party, Mitchell got to meet another Connecticut-grown "American Idol" finalist -- Southbury's Katie Stevens, who made it to the top eight before being eliminated.

"She ran up to me and gave me a hug."

Mitchell's advice to Stevens and all non-"Idol" winners is to start promoting your career as soon as possible, because as he learned this past year, "Idol" fame can be fleeting.

"(One day) your wardrobe is $500 for the day and the next minute you're in your parents' basement going to McDonald's," he said.

You can find out how to buy Mitchell's single and where to find his video on youtube by visiting Mitchell's blog at normangentlemusic.blogspot.com.

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"Bitch Slap" Norman Gentle's "Adopt a Dog" Campaign

Announcing the 2010 Whatevia Awards Nominees | Vote for the Worst

Announcing the 2010 Whatevia Awards Nominees | Vote for the Worst

Favorite American Idol Alumni Moment of the Year
Kris Allen taunts the Sparkle Cows on Twitter
Kelly Clarkson calls out Ryan Tedder for writing the same song for her and Beyonce
Editor in Chief of Out Magazine Calls Adam Out for Wanting to Not Be "Too Gay" in the Same Issue Where Adam Appears on the Cover
Adam Lambert's American Music Awards performance ruins his career
Nick Mitchell releases his "Bitchslap!" music video

Norman Gentle Saves American idol Judge Simon Cowell from Bitchslapping Vigilante at Season Finale

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A "Memorial" To Bitch Slaps!

Happy Memorial Day weekend. In honor, here's a medley of some of the greatest "Bitch Slaps!" in Hollywood history. Thanks to Chipps Cooney!

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Bitch Slap Of The Day: Friday

It might not have served her career particularly well, but Faye Dunaway's role as Joan Crawford in the 1981 melodrama "Mommie Dearest" became an indelible part of camp culture. There were so many bitch slaps in that movie, my cheeks still smart!

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Video Interview With Los Angeles Times

On the red carpet Wednesday, May 26, before the "American Idol" finale, I chat with The Los Angeles Times' Shirley Halperin.

See the article here.



‘Brit Slap’ Video Makes National TV Debut On Syndicated “Wendy Williams Show

Simon Cowell bid farewell to “American Idol” as Season 9 closed Wednesday, May 26th. The pageant crowned Lee DeWyze in 2010. So the ratings for Tuesday’s performance show diminished 16% from the previous season, from 23.8 million to 20.1 million which peaked with Norman Gentle’s appearance.

But there is hope on the horizon, if one retreats a year in reverse, to Season 8 top 25 finalist Norman Gentle, who provided the show with humor, a modicum of entertainment and a desperately needed dollop of the unexpected, as well as the highest ratings in 2009, scoring 25.1 million, preliminary Neilsen estimates showed.

Perhaps that is the very reason that Gentle is the first finalist in the series’ history to be invited to appear in two consecutive finales: He was awarded a Most Memorable Performance “Golden Idol” trophy in 2009; and appeared again this year during Dane Cook’s farewell tribute, gamboling onstage with a cardboard cut-out of Cowell—only to be short-circuited when fur-wearing Ian Benardo stormed the stage vigilante-style and released abusive epithets directed at Simon Cowell. As the camera cut to commercial sparing the audience the ugly verbal attack, it was heroic Norman Gentle who threw aside his companion cardboard cutout of Simon Cowell in order to wrestle the microphone from Brit-Slap-wannabee Benardo… Norman Gentle is a hero, indeed. Gentle reassured Simon Cowell, "Don't worry, Simon, we all love you. Just don't listen to him." Fox cut to commercial to spare the audience the ugly verbal attack by the fur-wearing contestant

But that’s only a hint of Gentle’s rescue effort. Off-camera, Simon Cowell offered the comedic talent a rare hug and shared, “I heard your song. I loved your song. Loved the music video. Thanks for coming all the way out to be here for the finale.”

Indeed, Gentle’s double-A sided single “Brit Slap!” a farewell roast to Cowell, and its grown-up sister “Bitch Slap!” a parallel version of the uptempo sing-along anthem—which were released to radio, iTunes and amazon.com May 18—have seduced not only the likes of the scowling judge, but are generating a force field of positive press coverage from the likes of USA Today, NPR, New York Daily News, MTV, Life.com, CBS News and The Fox Morning Show; in addition to airplay on top 40 WEBZ (B97)/New Orleans and prompting a stream of on-air radio interviews, including the nationally syndicated Dial Global network with Hot AC host Dave Otto. Even Perez Hilton weighed in with a Twitter to his 2 million followers, saying, “Kinda wishing I had done this.”

The accompanying madcap music video launched Friday, May 21, via exclusives in Lyndsey Parker’s acclaimed Yahoo! Music “Reality Rocks” column—which deemed it a “comedic tour de force”—in The Los Angeles Times; and popular blog Votefortheworst.com. On Sunday, May 23, versions of both “Brit Slap!” and “Bitch Slap!” debuted on Youtube. Altogether, the clip fostered more than 29,000 hits in its first five days, ranking as the No. 19 video in the Entertainment category.

The music video, which features a cameo from “America’s Top Model” judge Nigel Barker, a cast of Broadway dancers and Cowell himself—as a stand-up cardboard cutout—is slated to make its national television debut on the syndicated “Wendy Williams Show” Thursday, May 27, where Gentle has served as a weekly correspondent throughout “Idol’s” Season 9.

Norman Gentle’s headband-wearing, tuxedo jacket-sporting, khaki shorts-donning character has made the comedian a hero among Idol worshippers. Last year, when Norman, a.k.a. 27-year-old Nick Mitchell from Brookfield, Conn., ambushed the No. 1 TV show in North America, his slapstick persona delivered unexpected vocal finesse, via a memorable performance of “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” from “Dreamgirls.”

As the mainstream media embraced Gentle as a bona fide talent, he was snapped up earlier this year by production duo DNA—Dennis DelGaudio and Ayhan Sahin—to record “Bitch Slap!”—which, with the announcement of Cowell’s departure from “American Idol”—was parlayed into the saucy send-off “Brit Slap!”

Now signed to DNA’s Young Pals Records International, Gentle has evolved his image into the Gentle band, a take-off on “Idol” finalist Chris Daughtry’s ubiquitous group Daughtry. Gentle features players DelGaudio, a world-class guitarist who has toured with Billy Joel, written songs for indie films and served as Musical Director for Broadway’s “Movin’ Out”; and Sahin, who has written and produced musical stage shows in his native Turkey that have been performed in 18 countries.

Gentle’s web site gentleofficial.com, offers daily updates about his whereabouts, tips for living “Gentle-y,” and his steadfast support for animal rights, alongside other rants and raves about pop culture.


Telephone: 617-997 6554

Email: hydrangea4563@vzw.blackberry.net





Thanks for the shout-out Wendy!

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Norman Gentle Saves American Idol Judge Simon Cowell from Bitchslapping Vigilante On "AI" Finale

Gentle became the first finalist in the American Idol series’ history to be invited to appear in two consecutive finales: He was awarded a Most Memorable Performance “Golden Idol” trophy in 2009; and appeared again tonight during Dane Cook’s farewell tribute, gamboling onstage with a cardboard cut-out of Cowell—only to be short-circuited when an attention-seeking no-name finalist demanded a “Kanye West moment.” As the camera reeled away from the chaotic scene and quickly retreated into a commercial, it was Gentle that grabbed the microphone out of his hand… a hero, indeed.


"Snap out of it," Cher bellows at Nicholas Cage in 1987's Oscar-winning "Moonstruck." Perhaps she meant to say, "Slap out of it!" In any case, it's one of the great cinematic bitch slaps in history!


Wow, I feel like I should press my shirt or something. New York magazine, ooh la la!