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Norman Gentle's Goodbye Song to Siobhan


Normund Gentle sings a song for his favorite Idol this season, Siobhan Magnus, on the Wendy Williams Show. Normund, we know... we loved her too. But hey, when she tours America, the residents of local towns will be able to hear her outside the venues for a 30 mile radius. So we'll settle for that if we have to.

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"Recently, I joined former American Idol contestant Normund Gentle (Nick Mitchell) for the filming of his music video, “Brit Slap” here in New York City. The outlandish character from season 8 is known for his theatrical performances and unusual (…and often flirtatious) relationship with judge Simon Cowell. When asked to join him on set of his music video, I couldn’t think of better way to poke fun at my fellow Brit-transplant reality show judge. So, in Times Square, adorned in matching red headbands, I joined Normund on set and had a great time. The video is set for completion later next month, and hopefully will debut on American Idol’s season finale. Keep your eyes open!"

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coming Soon: Norman Gentle's DEBUT Single

You can't imagine all of the buzz stinging through 2C Studios/Young Pals Records International in Brooklyn. Dennis DelGaudio and Ayhan Sahin (DNA) have written, arranged and produced the first single for "American Idol" season eight finalist Norman Gentle, aka Nick Mitchell, "Britslap!" a comedic farewell roast to Idol judge Simon Cowell. Saturday we held a strategy session in Manhattan's Chelsea at Share the Mic, regarding the upcoming release. From left, Ayhan, Nick, DNA manager Ghia, Dennis, meese.A video clip was shot in Times Square and throughout New York a couple weeks ago, which garnered press in the NY Daily News, among other outlets.The video clip and single for "Britslap!"—or "Bitchslap!" in its "explicit" guise—will be released everywhere next month! Stay tuned for a first look at the single cover artwork on The Smoking Nun!

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Normund Gentle 'Brit Slap' Video to Film Tomorrow

All of you Normund fans, take notice. Nick Mitchell is filming the video for his alter ego Normund Gentle's single "Brit Slap" in New York City tomorrow, April 1st. The filming is starting at the American Eagle at 46th and Broadway around 7 AM and will continue throughout Manhattan throughout the day. America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker will be filming a dance scene for the video (awesome!). Nick is also trying to get onto the Idol finale to sing the song to Simon Cowell. We must help make this happen somehow. The season of Timmeh needs to be capped off with a Normund Gentle performance. It's only right.


Filming at Times Square of “Brit Slap” Music Video: Farewell Roast to American Idol Judge Simon CowellWho: American Idol Contestant “Norman Gentle” (Nick Mitchell) will be filmed in Time Square singing his music video “Brit Slap” –a slap-stick farewell roast song for American Idol Judge Simon Cowell.Where: Time Square pedestrian zone, West 46th + Broadway.

When: Thursday, April 1st with Friday, April 2nd raindate

7:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and

2:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. following the movie car around Manhattan

“Brit Slap” music video is designed as a farewell roast to legendary American Idol judge, the reputedly acerbic Simon Cowell as he departs from American Idol after nine years serving to raise the standards of amateur performers. Comedian Nick Mitchell co-host on the Wendy Williams Show, created “Norman Gentle”, a flamboyant character on American Idol. When he set out to win American Idol and did not win, the Norman Gentle character didn’t understand why American Idol judge Simon Cowell was so curmudgeonly toward him. Ego bruised, Norman now aims to impress Simon by singing him the slap-stick song “Brit Slap” on “American Idol Gives Back” on April 21st and “American Idol Season Finale” May 18th+19th.

Norman feels Simon can appreciate the right-back-atcha slap-stick words of “Brit Slap”. After all, the gavel of Simon Cowell has fallen so hard on so many. The music video underscores a genuine appreciation for Simon’s exacting standards which inspired Norman to further greatness. The music video represents a fantasy that many American Idol contestants have shared after a bracing brush-off from the erudite American Idol judge Simon Cowell.

Past American Idol Contestants singing in the “Brit Slap” music video include Ms. Casey P. Carlson, Ms. Kristen McNamara, Ms. Jackie Tohn.

Fan reaction will determine if Norman Gentle gets invited to sing “Brit Slap” directly to Simon Cowell on “American Idol Gives Back” on April 21st and “American Idol Season Finale” May 18th and 19th.

“Brit Slap” music credits:

Singer Norman Gentle (Nick Mitchell)

Written, Arranged and Produced by Dennis DelGaudio (toured w/ Elton John + Billy Joel) and Ayhan Sahin

Bass and All Guitars: Dennis DelGaudio

Drums: Mike Sorrentino

Keyboard: Ayhan Sahin

Background Vocals: Denny Blake

Dance credits: “Brit Slap” dance, choreographed by Brian Reeder, is a refreshing replacement to the Macarena, Time Warp, and that birdie dance of which Norman Gentle believes even Paula Abdul will approve be The Dance of the Century at all weddings, sporting events, decadent parties of all sorts, and private, at home, shower dances like that of Norman Gentle’s classic slap-stick.


Recording session with Normund Gentle


'American Idol' Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle) On Katie Stevens

With Katie Stevens making her way up the "American Idol" chain, we turned to fellow Nutmegger and one-time "Idol" contestant Nick Mitchell recently to see if he has any advice for the talented teen.

"Don't go on the Internet and Google yourself before the competition is over. That can destroy your confidence," says the Brookfield resident. "The best thing she can do is just relax her voice and pretend that each appearance is her last advertisement [of herself] to the world."

Mitchell, who competed on the show as his comedic alter ego "Norman Gentle," was among the top 36 contestants last season before getting voted off.

"Hopefully, she'll last longer than I did." That said, Mitchell says Stevens doesn't really need his advice.

"She sings much better than I did. I had to make them laugh, also," he says. "I think Katie is fantastic. If a [17]-year-old can sing Stevie Wonder the way she did, you know the girl is the real deal."

Mitchell has been busy in his post-"Idol" life. He and some other former contestants are preparing to do a show in Las Vegas, and he recently finished work on a single, "Brit Slap," with former Idols Kimberly Locke and Diana DeGarmo. The song, a playful jab at "American Idol" host Simon Cowell, should be released soon.

Mitchell says he still gets recognized by "Idol" fans, and it occasionally pays off. For instance, a cop recently pulled him over for speeding.

"He goes, 'Wait a minute; you were on 'Idol'! My wife and I watch that all the time,'" Mitchell says. "Then he gave me a pass. That's been my paycheck from 'Idol.'"


Nick Mitchell (aka. Normund Gentle) appeared on Fox announcing that he will be the American Idol correspondent for Fox CT. They called his upcoming single "Bitch Slap" a BritSmack.



Fabulous Normund Gentle returns to the Wendy Williams Show to talk about American Idol. Nick Mitchell's alter ego needs his own show. Now that would be must see TV. Normund forever!

Don't forget to watch him on Thursday 10am on Fox!


Don't forget to watch Normund Gentle on Wendy Williams show today at WNYW FOX Ch. 5 10:00 AM


Meeting with Sergio Goncalves and Nick Mitchell with Dennis DelGaudio for the new single "Bitch Slap"


Young Pals Music, helmed by Ayhan Sahin, was blessed with a full slate in 2009, keeping the studio and record label happily humming. Among the highlights of the year:

Ayhan joined forces with Dennis DelGaudio to form DNA, a music production house and new indie label. First projects include house favorite Karine Hannah, “Rockstar Supernova’s” Jill Gioia, “American Idol” contestant Normund Gentle (aka Nick Mitchell) and various other ongoing production projects.

Karine Hannah’s second full-length project “Karine,” produced by and co-written with Ayhan, was released in January in the U.S. and Turkey. In the latter nation, the national press was particularly attentive—thanks to Karine’s earlier connection with Turkish singing sensation Sezen Aksu—including pieces for CNN, Hurriyet and Sabah. Single “Gone” was given a dance rerub by nationally renowned remixer Craig C., while Karine made her live New York debut at The Metropolitan Room in September 2009, with DNA serving as musical director. Her new album, produced by DNA, is due in early 2010.

Young Pals launched Emre Yilmaz’s debut single “Only Yesterday” in March, which garnered a spotlight review in Billboard magazine, heralding the song as “the ultimate showcase [for Emre to] become one of the year’s most auspicious breakouts.” He followed through, opening this summer’s Istanbul Live festival in Central Park. His solo live debut followed in the fall with a sold-out performance at New York’s Joe’s Pub. Emre also launched his (adult) acting career with a leading role in the Turkish TV series, “Yeni Bastan.”

Chilean L.A.-based artist Jose Promis’ fourth album “Life is Grand!” was co-written and produced by Young Pals and released in January. Jose supported the album with live showcases in L.A. and France. He and Ayhan also appeared on Larry Flick’s Out-Q morning show on Sirius Satellite Radio. Flick wrote "Promis brings a fresh and intriguing vision to the mainstream. In collaborating with composer/producer Ayhan Sahin, he has created a cross-cultural sound that demands deep investigation. This is a remarkable debut that hints at a long, very special career ahead."

Ayhan Sahin’s dance remix of Matt Zarley’s “Here I Am” was included on the physical single release, alongside mixes from Grammy-nominated Love to Infinity, Solar City and Rafael M. It reached No. 1 in digital sales on dance portals perfectbeat.com and masterbeat.com.

MTV’s “Making the Band” finalist Adam Shenk recorded his full-length pop, R&B and jazz-scented “Suitcases,” with Ayhan producing, which will be released by Young Pals Music in March 2010. The set includes Emre Yilmaz on classical guitars. Adam is already performing songs from the CD at live venues across the Northeast region.

Puerto Rican artist Mitch Zorba’s album was launched in June, under the Young Pals Music banner. The album was recorded both in New York and San Juan, and includes Spanish- and English-language compositions.

And other notables:

- Ayhan spent a good deal of the year not only getting to know Turkey’s premier singer Sertab Erener and her partner Demir Demirkan; there were also a number of songwriting sessions with the intent of placing music on Sertab's upcoming 2010 Turkish language release.

- Upcoming: “American Idol” 2009 contestant Normund Gentle (aka Nick Mitchell)’s debut single “Bitch Slap” written and produced by DNA.

- French artist Lybert Ramade’s new album, produced by DNA, will be issued in early 2010 in France.

- Ayhan and Emre Yilmaz wrote with dance diva/No. 1 recording artist Sylvia Tosun for her upcoming international release.

- Ayhan’s works were featured on MTV’s “Made” and “American Idol Rewind,” as well as Style network.

- U.K. artist Damien Carmello’s “Sick and Tired,” recorded with Young Pals, was featured on DJ Gary Bushell’s Rancid Sounds podcast.

- Young Pals Music ally Tinatin co-wrote “Is It True,” which represented Iceland at the legendary Eurovision Song Contest this year. The song not only finished as the overall runner-up, but, at year-end, was acclaimed as the year’s “best lyric” by a global vote.

- Young Pals produced cover tune “Close Every Door” from Andrew Lloyd Webber for David Pascucci’s new album, out in early 2010.

- Ayhan’s earlier full-length musical “Gods” is being rewritten with Wallace Willholt Jr., for potential production early in the new decade. Other musical theatre ventures include arranging Michael Tester’s new musical show “Most Likely To,” showcased in New York’s Players Theatre. “Infidelity,” a musical by Dara Barlin and Heather Osterman was co-composed and orchestrated by Ayhan. He also music directed a workshop in New York for the show.

Follow the daily updates on http://twocrecording.blogspot.com/ and ayhanonline.com

Young Pals Artist Normund Gentle Named One of Pop Candy's Top 100 People of 2009

Finally, someone recognizes the real star of American Idol season 8. USA Today's Pop Candy gave Nick Mitchell's alter ego Normund Gentle the #97 spot on the Top 100 People of 2009 list. Fitting and well deserved. Congrats, Normund!

97. Normund Gentle. Adam Lamwho? David Archuwhata? The real story on this year's American Idol was of a performance artist who challenged every rule of the show. In my heart, he wears the crown (over his signature headband, of course).


Finally, someone recognizes the real star of American Idol season 8. USA Today's Pop Candy gave Nick Mitchell's alter ego Normund Gentle the #97 spot on the Top 100 People of 2009 list. Fitting and well deserved. Congrats, Normund!

97. Normund Gentle. Adam Lamwho? David Archuwhata? The real story on this year's American Idol was of a performance artist who challenged every rule of the show. In my heart, he wears the crown (over his signature headband, of course).


Recording session with Dennis DelGaudio for American Idol contestant Nick Mitchell's single



Recording session with American Idol contestant Nick Mitchell and Dennis DelGaudio