Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gettin' Jiggy With Gentle

We were rehearsing for a series of upcoming live gigs with my band members and producers of my first single "Bitch Slap!" DNA, a.k.a. Ayhan Sahin and Dennis DelGaudio.The "family-friendly" "American Idol" send-off to Simon Cowell, "Brit Slap!" is available on amazon.com, while both versions, "Brit" and the "explicit" "Bitch" are being hawked on iTunes.

So much great stuff is going on as my song gains traction... DNA and I filmed a hilarious video in support of ASPCA on Monday, we appeared on Fox News in Hartford, Conn., Tuesday morning, followed by five radio phoners Wednesday. I also participated in an interactive online chat today for an hour with The Seattle Times.

In addition, Yahoo! Music writer Lyndsey Parker devoted her column today to Gentle, writing that the "truly anti-climactic Season 9 finale (of 'American Idol') could use some comic relief. So it's the always amazing Norman Gentle to the rescue, here to give Simon a truly memorable sendoff and 'Idol' fans some much-needed laughs." She also offers about my soon-to-be-released video for "Slap," "Get out your headbands to experience this sure-to-be-brilliant work of small-screen cinema." You know it, cool cats.

In addition, check out the link on votefortheworst.com.

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