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Yahoo MusicBrit Slap! Norman Gentle Gives Simon Cowell The Ultimate Sendoff
Posted Wed May 19, 2010 12:42pm PDT by Lyndsey Parker in Reality Rocks

As loyal "American Idol" fans face the truly depressing prospect of a Simon Cowell-less 10th "AI" season (not to mention a truly anti-climactic Season 9 finale), what they could use right now is some comic relief. So it's the always amazing Norman Gentle to the rescue, here to give Simon a truly memorable sendoff and give "Idol" fans some much-needed laughs.The flamboyantly headbanded, Bermuda-shorted comedic genius of "AI" Season 8--occasionally known as Normund Gentle, Nick Mitchell, or the "Idol" answer to Weird Al Yankovic--is now also known as the lead singer of the eponymous band GENTLE. ("Daughtry is the biggest male success from 'American Idol.' I did not realize that all you have to do is drop your first name and form a band to sell a million records. Sign me up, America! From now on we are GENTLE," Norman explained on his website.) GENTLE recently released their Cowell-roasting debut single, "Brit Slap" (available now on iTunes! woot!). And I am telling you...it's actually really good! No jokeSeriously. This ought to be the coronation song on the Season 9 finale next week:FYI, an eagerly awaited (by me, at least) "Brit Slap" video was recently shot in Times Square starring a cardboard Simon cutout, Norm's fellow Season 8 "Idol" semifinalists Jackie Tohn, Casey Carlson, and Kristen McNamara, and another surly reality-TV Brit, "Top Model" judge Nigel Barker. Said Barker via his blog: "[This] outlandish character is known for his theatrical performances, and unusual and flirtatious relationship with Simon Cowell. When asked to join him on the set of his music video, I couldn't think of a better way to poke fun at my fellow Brit-transplant reality show judge. Adorned in matching red headbands, I joined Norman and had a great time."

Norman also reportedly sports a Beyonce-style black catsuit in some of the video's scenes. Awesome.The video will also feature a "Brit Slap Dance," which a GENTLE press release excitingly describes as "a refreshing replacement to the Macarena, Time Warp, and that birdie dance, of which Norman Gentle believes even Paula Abdul will approve." So get out your headbands and keep checking this space to experience this soon-to-be-released, sure-to-be-brilliant work of small-screen cinema.

"Who'd have believed?" Norman gushed in a press release. "Isn't it wonderful to know that you don't have to have a rich papa, a mountain of plastic surgery, and Simon Cowell's blessing to get a shot at the American dream? I feel Gentle-uinely blessed to have this opportunity to slap my positive vibe around the globe."As a longtime "Idol" watcher, I personally feel Gentle-uinely blessed that someone like Norman Gentle ever made it to the semifinals on this show. Simon Cowell should feel blessed too. After all, what better way to end nine seasons of "Idol" than by going Gently into that good night?

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